The Heidelberg direct writer features

The Cleanroom at LCN on the Bloomsbury site has 255 square metres of ISO 14644-1 Class 6 (Class 1000) cleanroom housing most of our equipment for Plasma etch, Photolithography, Wet Chemical, Metallisation, Furnace, Characterisation and Electron Beam Lithography processes.

Spin Coater with chucks for samples from 3x3mm up 150mm diameter, Dehydration oven and two hotplates are located in Bench 1.  This set up is for spin coating all materials that are exposed using Ultra-Violet light.

This is a Plasma etcher in a barrel configuration.  It is used primariliy for removing organic materials in an Oxygen plasma, such as photoresist.  It is an effective technique for cleaning up the residues of photoresist that remain after the Photolithography and develop processes before samples

Karl Suss MJB3 Mask Aligner for small and delicate substrates.

UV 300 Optics for 365nm photoresists

Samples of all shapes from 4mm square up to 3" diamater

Masks from 2" square up to max 4" square 0.060" thick

Soft and hard contact modes

Quintel Q4000-6 Mask Aligner

For whole wafers larger than 2" diameter up to 150 mm diameter

Mask Sizes from 4" square x 0.060", up to 7" square x 0.090".

Infra Red back side alignment option.

Soft and vacuum contact modes