• Quad lens condenser system
  • Advanced scan system
  • Pico stage drive for ultra-fast, high-precision movement of field-of-view
  • SpecPorter automated sample holder transfer system
  • Cold FEG with narrow energy spread
  • Dual Silicon Drift Detectors

With VT-iSIM, the ground breaking high speed super resolution imaging system from VisiTech International, you can image at spatial and temporal resolutions never thought possible before

Super-resolution microscope visualizing cellular structures and molecular activity at resolutions never before achieved by conventional light microscopy.

Super resolution - Imaging at double the resolution of a widefield microscope ~120nm or ~85nm in TIRF-SIM mode.

Imaging at lateral resolution of approximately 20nm, and axial of 50nm can be achieved.

The Olympus FV1200 is equipped with the following:

The LCN currently has two JPK CellHesion 200 systems primarily for measuring cell to cell or cell to substrate interactions. It can also quantify cell elasticity and response to mechanical stress.

The Nanowizard 4 combines fast scanning with high resolution at scan sizes up to 100um and is designed to provide mechanical and thermal stability on inverted optical microscopes for long term imaging.

The Bruker Dimension FastScan AFM allows imaging rates up to frames/second without sacrificing resolution from subnanometer to 100's of nanometers in height.

The LCN is equipped with two JPK Nanowizard ULTRA Speed AFMs for fast scanning at up to 300Hz line rate in air and liquid at high resolution.

The LCN currently has three Bruker MultiMode 8 AFMs which are equipped with an E scanner or J scanner (with heater) and uses the unique PeakForce Tapping™ technology to provide new information, faster results and greatly improved ease of use.