Electron Beam Lithography

The Elionix ELS-G100 is a 100KV EBL system with a 100MHz pattern generator.

The Cleanroom at LCN on the Bloomsbury site has 255 square metres of ISO 14644-1 Class 6 (Class 1000) cleanroom housing most of our equipment for Plasma etch, Photolithography, Wet Chemical, Metallisation, Furnace, Characterisation and Electron Beam Lithography processes.

A spin coater with chucks for samples from 3x3mm up to 150mm diameter  and a precison vacuum holddown hotplate are dedicated for use with materials that are exposed in the Electrom beam Lithography system.

Raith 150-TWO Electron Beam Lithography
Resolution 20nm 
Electron Beam resist processes
495 & 950 PMMA
Sample size from 10 x10mm up to 150mm diameter