UCL: Health and Safety

The LCN at UCL forms an independent research department.  Responsibility for safety within the LCN Building lies with the LCN Co-Director at UCL, supported by the Safety and Facilities Manager.

The LCN aims to be an exemplary employer in all matters relating to the health, safety and welfare of both its employees and anyone else who may be affected by its activities.  The Centre will promote the successful management of health, safety and welfare so it is seen as vital to the efficient operation of the LCN and of equal importance to organisational and research goals.  As part of this, the LCN is taking part in UCL's T-100 Safety programme (see details at the UCL Organisation and Arrangments for Safety link, below) and has recently completed the Baseline level of this programme.  We are committed to continual improvement of our Safety Management systems and will now begin working towards Level 1 of the scheme.

An overview of Health and Safety at the LCN can be obtained by downloading the latest version of our Health & Safety Handbook.  For more detailed information about specific aspects of Health and Safety, as well as forms and information about the departmental Health and Safety Committee, please see the links below (please note: an LCN username and password is required to view these pages, please contact the Facilities and Safety Manager if you cannot access these but require a copy):

Links to UCL safety resources: