Cleanroom, FIB and EBL Training

We offer appropriate training to long term users who want access to the Cleanroom facilities.  Before embarking on any training you must have your supervisors approval, be a registered visitor and have an access card valid for the LCN building. We operate a prepay scheme and your payment is to be received before Training and use of the equipment can start.

For those of you who wish to use the Cleanroom equipment for only a few hours, we can arrange supervised access - please contact Steve Etienne or Suguo Huo.


The dates of Cleanroom Inductions and Equipment Training sessions are available from here.


1) Plan ahead, because it can take some weeks to go through the process, and you need to have your supervisor's approval.

2) Download the  Application Form for a Cleanroom Induction. Send this to Steve Etienne, VJ Krishnan  and Denise Ottley.

3) Contact Denise Ottley to arrange attendance on an LCN Health & Safety session. These are held regularly every Tuesday and are required to get access to LCN.

4) Register your details in the Living Database, our Cleanroom Booking System, completing only the coloured boxes.  Select your supervisor's name from drop down list, or leave at 'Choose One' if they are not in the list and provide their name in the Work Description box. Start date is to be the date of the Cleanroom Induction, End Date is the final date of your course or project.  This form will be checked and a notification will be sent if you are approved to start cleanroom work.

5) Attend the Cleanroom Induction, during which you sign off all Cleanroom risk assessments and take a Cleanroom safety tour.

6) Transfer funds to top up your Cleanroom Credit Using the procedure on the Cleanroom Payments page

7) Book Equipment training for the tools you will use on the days the training is offered.  If enough people book, training will be provided by Cleanroom staff or nominated experts. This cost of the training is deducted from your credit when you make the bookings. 

8) Start working in the Cleanroom and accumulate experience. You will be under supervision at this time and cannot access the Cleanroom on your own. 

9) After 20 hours,  you can apply to get your LCN access card updated for Cleanroom access by completing the Permit to Access Controlled Areas form.  This will be signed off by the Cleanroom Manager when they are satisfied that you have demonstrated competence using the cleanroom and equipment.


Cleanroom Induction:

Free of Charge Cleanroom Induction sessions occur on second Friday of every month from 13:30 -16:00 in LCN.  The application form must be received for registration on a session.

Level 1 & 2 Equipment Training:   

Training sessions are scheduled every Monday and Friday from 10:00-13:00.   Sessions rotate between

  • Photolithography Training (Spin coaters, MJB3 and Quintel aligners)
  • Characterisation & RTP Training (DektakXT, Ellipsometer, Four Point Probe, microscope and RTP)
  • Plasma Equipment Training (PECVD, DRIE, SRIE, Oxford RIE and plasma ashers)
  • Chemical Process Training (Cleaning, wet etching, HF acid use)
  • Thermal Evaporation tools (Thermal and electron beam evaporators)
  • Sputtering Tools Training (PVD75 and SVS6000)
  • Back End Lab Training (Dicing saw, scribers, wire bonders, probe station)
  • Open Cleanroom Training (first person to book can nominate topic from list above). 

Each training session above costs 2 hours of access time per participant, and are reserved by booking 2 hours of time on the appropriate day in a CleanroomTraining slot on the Booking system.  There must be between 2 and 6 people booked for training to take place.  Due to College closures and operational reasons, some sessions may be moved to the following Tuesday.

If you want to have training outside of these times then an additional charge to cover the trainer's time will be added. This will more than double the cost for a training session,

Contact the process engineer VJ for issues on this training.

Ion and Electron Beam Tools Training:

Training sessions are organised by demand. They will appear on the training calendar, and need between 2 and 4 people booked, one week ahead of session, for training to take place. 

  • Electron Beam Lithography Training  - costs 14 hours of access time and takes two days,
  • Focused Helium/Neon Ion Beam Training (Zeiss Orion NanoFab) - costs 14 hours of access time and lasts two days.
  • Focused Gallium Ion Beam Training  - costs 7 hours of access time and lasts one day.
  • Scanning Electron Microscope Training  - costs 4 hours of access time and lasts half a day.

Contact the Equipment Manager Suguo Huo for any questions about this training

Training on other equipment not covered above is arranged by application to the Cleanroom manager Steve Etienne.


Nonuser:     This person has no experience of the equipment and may only operate it under the direct supervision of an Equipment Manager. They are not able to book the equipment themselves, and must book their time in the cleanroom using a Cleanroom Training slot.

User:      A user can book and use equipment for established procedures within the guidelines laid out in the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).  They shall not modify the equipment, or introduce new  procedures to it. The Equipment Manager will add you as a user of equipment when a training record form confirms training is completed on that equipment.

Equipment Manager:     This person is an expert in the machine. They can train people in its use and add them as users, can configure the equipment and introduce new procedures to it.  They will create SOP's for the machine.  These people are most likely to be the technical team or certain nominated long term users.

All of your training must be recorded using the training record form. Details of everyone's training level for all equipment is kept and any questions regarding this should be directed to the Cleanroom Manager. Your level of training will be determined for each piece of equipment by the Equipment Manager.