Confocal and Fluorescent Microscopy

If you are interested in using the LCN optical microscopes, please contact Richard Thorogate or Guillaume Charras.

A list of confocal and fluorescent microscopes available for internal and external use can be found in the equipment section. 

For training and access to the confocal and fluorescent microscopes please see the training section. 

Offline analysis
Offline analysis rendering capabilities are available in the LCN and the analysis computer can be booked online.

Technical assistance
Technical assistance will be available for sample preparation for immunostaining, transfection, or time lapse imaging on a fee for training basis.

Figure 1: Blebbing cell
Live cell expressing PH-PLCd-mRFP (in red) and Myosin regulatory light chain GFP (in green). Myosin localises under the bleb membrane in distinct foci and drives bleb retraction. Image acquired on our spinning disk confocal microscope by Guillaume Charras.

Figure 2: MDCK cyst
Fixed 14 day old MDCK cyst grown on matrigel. The cyst was stained for F-actin (in red), beta-catenin (in green), and nucleic acids (in blue).
Image acquired on our Olympus laser scanning microscope by Guillaume Charras.

Figure 3: Migrating Neutrophils.
Neutrophils fixed while migrating through microfluidic channels. The cells were stained for F-actin (in red) and tubulin (in green).
Image acquired on the spinning disk confocal microscope by Guillaume Charras.