Characterisation (techniques available in the cleanroom)

Carl Zeiss EVO MA10 SEM


Carl Zeiss Axioskop Microscope & Camera


Bruker DektakXT surface profiler, samples up to 8” diameter, thickness up to 35mm

  • 5nm vertical resolution
  • 2D and 3D profiles, stress measurement
  • Fully motorised X,Y and Theta stage for automated wafer mapping


Ambios Q View AFM / Interferometer

Horiba MM-16 Spectroscopic Ellipsometer, XY mapping stage, multilayer films

Perkin Elmer System ONE FTIR

Vickers Image Shearing microscope, feature size measurement to 0.5 µm

 Nikon Stereo Microscope

Veeco FFP5000 four point probe

Alpha Step 200 surface profiler

Recording Thermocouple reader