Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

The LCN offers an extensive suite of atomic force microscopes for nano-scale surface characterisation and functional imaging under ambient conditions, including a Bruker Dimension Icon, three Bruker Multimode 8's, a Bruker Dimension FastScan, a Bruker Resolve (coming soon), a JPK Nanowizard 4, a JPK Nanowizard 1, two JPK Nanowizard ULTRA Speeds and two JPK CellHesion systems. 

In addition to AFM the LCN hosts several scanning probe microscopes for operation in ultra-high vacuum.

The AFMs are available for use by researchers outside of the LCN and we offer two types of training course:

  • First-time users will either be requested for evidence of their skills in operating the instrument, or to register for the LCN-based training on the AFM. If you require further information as to which AFM best suits for your research, then please contact Richard Thorogate at the LCN.
  • The LCN and Bruker have formed a partnership offering AFM certified training based at the LCN. Please contact Richard Thorogate for further information.