Surface Technology Systems ICP DRIE, + loadlock, samples up to 6” diameter

  • Gases: O2, Ar, SF6, CF4, C4F8
  • Processes:
  • Deep Silicon Etch (Bosch process) to 500+ µm
  • Shallow Si Etch

The DektakXT is the 10th generation, and latest, profiler from the Dektak Range.  It is fast, and has an automated XY Theta sample stage.  Vertical reproducibility is 5 Angstrom, and it can measure steps from nm to 1mm deep.  It can handle samples that are up to 35mm thick, and up to 300mm in dia

Dicing saw capable of sawing flat substrates up to 150mm diameter.

We can saw Glass, Quartz, Silicon and other materials by suitable choice of blades.

Silicon dicing cuts

Typical: width 70 µm, depth 1000 µm

High precison: width 26 µm, depth 325 µm

This is a Plasma etcher in a barrel configuration.  It is used primariliy for removing organic materials in an Oxygen plasma, such as photoresist.  It is an effective technique for cleaning up the residues of photoresist that remain after the Photolithography and develop processes before samples

The Edwards Belljar evaporator is a turbo and scroll pumped system capable of evaporating up to 4 different materials in the same vacuum cycle.

This equipment has four independent source positions allowing multiple layers to be deposited without breaking vacuum.  The maximum sample size is 200mm diameter, or multiple smaller pieces.

This equipment has had the vacuum system upgraded to a turbo-molecular high vacuum pump and scroll backing pump.  It has a rotary source holder allowing up to 4 different metals to be deposited in sequence in the same vacuum cycle.

Edwards A500 – FL500 Electron Beam Evaporator,

4 pocket Temescal Electron Beam gun

2 thermal sources

Max sample size 6”

Metals include Ti, Au, Mo, Pt

Raith 150-TWO Electron Beam Lithography
Resolution 20nm 
Electron Beam resist processes
495 & 950 PMMA
Sample size from 10 x10mm up to 150mm diameter

A spin coater with chucks for samples from 3x3mm up to 150mm diameter  and a precison vacuum holddown hotplate are dedicated for use with materials that are exposed in the Electrom beam Lithography system.

The Elionix ELS-G100 is a 100KV EBL system with a 100MHz pattern generator.

This is the FFP5000 model of probe equipped with an external probe and sample holder.  The stage is capable of accepting wafers up to 100mm diameter and has indexed locations to permit reproducable positioning.

A versatile wedge bonder that can be configured into several different modes.  It is currently set to bond gold wire 25 micrometres in diameter.

On request it can be reconfigured for deep access wire bonding in gold or aluminium.

The Heidelberg direct writer features

High sensitivity ellipsometer operating from UV to IR.