Bruker Dimension Icon AFM

Dimension Icon
Equipment manager
Richard Thorogate
Equipment manufacturer
Bruker AXS
Equipment model
Dimension Icon
Deputy equipment manager
Bart Hoogenboom
Equipment Location

The LCN has recently acquired a Bruker Dimension Icon for low noise, large sample analysis, which provides a 90 micron scan range system with a newly designed low noise closed loop XYZ scanner. The Icon supports PeakForce QNM Imaging to allow researchers to image sample topography and map nanomechanical properties simultaneously (1MPa - 50GPa modulus). It also features a number of electrical characterisation modes with increased sensitivity and dynamic range.



  •     PeakForce Tapping (air/liquid)
  •     ScanAsyst
  •     Quantitative Nanomechanical Mapping (QNM)
  •     Contact mode (air/liquid)
  •     Tapping mode (air/liquid)
  •     Phase imaging
  •     Lateral force mode
  •     Kelvin Probe Microscopy
  •     MFM/EFM
  •     PeakForce TUNA
  •     SCM
  •     SThM
  •     Force imaging
  •     Fluid cell option
  •     Piezoresponse