Magnetic Property Measurement System (MPMS-XL)

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Richard Thorogate
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The MPMS-XL employs SQUID technology for sensitivity down to 10-8 emu over a wide field and temperature range. This system is primarily used for the AC susceptibility (ACMS) option. Many materials display dissipative mechanisms when exposed to an oscillating field. AC measurements reveal information about magnetisation dynamics which are not obtained in DC measurements where the field is constant during the measurement time. The SQUID technology of the MPMS shows minimal variation in sensitivity over the entire frequency range (0.01Hz - 1KHz).
  • 1T longitudinal magnet 
  • Temperature range 1.8 - 400K
  • Frequency range 0.01Hz - 1KH
  • Reciprocating sample option
  • Continuous low temperature control (CLTC)