Bruker Nanowizard 1 AFM

Nanowizard 1
Equipment manager
Richard Thorogate
Equipment manufacturer
Equipment model
Nanowizard 1
Deputy equipment manager
Bart Hoogenboom
Equipment Location

The LCN currently has one Bruker Nanowizard 1 AFM mainly to provide high resolution imaging and mechanical information of biological samples using a closed feedback loop to ensure precise positioning in the X,Y and Z dimensions. The AFM head is used with either inverted or upright optics and can be stationed on an Olympus FV1000 confocal system.

Modes of operation:

  •     Contact Mode
  •     Intermittent Contact Mode
  •     Force Spectroscopy
  •     Force Mapping
  •     Force Modulation
  •     Manipulation
  •     Micro Rheology