Focused Ion Beam (FIB) Microscope XB1540

Zeiss FIB
Equipment manufacturer
Carl Zeiss
Equipment model

About the instrument

The Carl Zeiss XB1540 “Cross-Beam” focussed-ion-beam microscope at London Centre for Nanotechnology in University College London is a unique instrument in a unique location. The instrument is equipped not only with an in situ field-emission scanning electron microscope for gallium-free imaging, but also an in situ low-voltage argon-ion-miller for gallium-free nanofabrication. The instrument is located in a brand new purpose-built class 10,000 cleanroom in the basement level of the London Centre for Nanotechnology.

Access to the instrument

The SEM/FIB is available for use by researchers outside of the LCN, please select the correct category for information on access:

  • Researchers already trained on equipment
    • please use the booking system to check availability and to reserve time.
  • Other users
    • Please email Dr Suguo Huo with an outline of your project and request a quote.