Bruker Dimension FastScan AFM

Dimension FastScan
Equipment manager
Richard Thorogate
Equipment manufacturer
Equipment model
Dimension FastScan
Deputy equipment manager
Bart Hoogenboom
Equipment Location

The Bruker Dimension FastScan AFM allows imaging rates up to frames/second without sacrificing resolution from subnanometer to 100's of nanometers in height. The FastScan scanner provides vertical noise below 40pm with high accuracy with ultra-low drift and will provide excellent quality images at 20Hz Tapping Mode and maintaining good quality >100Hz scan rates.



  • PeakForce Tapping (air/liquid)
  • ScanAsyst
  • QNM
  • Tapping Mode (air/liquid)
  • Contact Mode (air/liquid)
  • Phase imaging
  • Lateral Force Microscopy
  • Force Volume
  • Heater stage