Sustainable energy

Sustainable EnergyMaintaining and improving quality of life will require increasing the supply of affordable and sustainable energy. The LCN is proactive in addressing energy needs of the society in three broad directions: i) fundamental research that helps to further currently available energy generation technologies, ii) improving energy efficiency and reducing the cost of electronic and light-emitting devices, and iii) reducing society’s dependence on the use of fossil fuels through development of alternative technologies. Our research spans experimental, computational, and nano-scale engineering approaches and includes preparation and characterization of materials and structures for photo-voltaic applications, understanding fundamentals of solar energy conversion and charge transfer mechanisms, advancing fuel cells, Li-ion batteries, catalytic processes, and utilization of radioactive waste to name a few.

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Figure: Dye sensitised solar cells: Organic chromophore JK-24 adsorbed on the anatase TiO2 (101) surface, as modelled by density functional theory. [courtesy Conn O'Rourke and David Bowler]