Organic & Molecular Electronics

Organic & Molecular SpintronicsOrganic and molecular materials have been investigated for the last few decades for their interesting electronic and optoelectronic properties.  Indeed they offer a range of advantages over “conventional” inorganic semiconductors (e.g. silicon) such as low cost, mechanical and chemical flexibility, ease of processing and light weight.  This has been exploited in a range of devices, including solar cells and organic light emitting devices, which are now entering the marketplace. 

Research in this area at the LCN covers a broad range of topics, spanning fundamental understanding (e.g. theoretical study of charge transport mechanisms) to development of new materials (e.g. molecular synthesis or film processing) and device engineering.

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Low energy gap emitters in near infra-red light-emitting diodes

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Figure: CuPc nanowires. [courtesy Sandrine Heutz; doi: 10.1021/nn100782w].