Magnetism and Spintronics

Magnetism and SpintronicsSpintronics focuses on storing, processing and receiving information by using magnetic fields, electrical currents, light and microwaves to control the spin of electrons. In contrast, conventional electronics, such as those in the integrated circuits of computers or mobile phones, do this by controlling the electrical charge of electrons rather than their spin.

Spintronics has the potential to significantly increase the amount of information a computer can store and process, because spin gives an electron two fundamental states instead of one - spin up and spin down. This means that information can be stored in arbitrary combinations of these two states, dramatically increasing the amount of information each electron can encode. 

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Magnetricity and Monopoles
Molecular Spintronics

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Figure: Dissociation of magnetic charges, leading to a fluctuating magnetic moment. [courtesy Steve Bramwell; doi: 10.1038/nature08500]