LCN Research team develops bioglass breakthrough

A research team led by Dr Aldo R. Boccaccini (LCN researcher, Department of Materials, Imperial) in collaboration with ETH Zurich, UCL (Eastman Dental Institute) and University of Westminster has developed for the first time biodegradable composite materials containing nanosized bioactive glass particles of the same composition of the classical 45S5 Bioglass(R). The new materials have shown enhanced mechanical properties, and, due to their nanotopographic bioactive surface, higher protein attachment compared to micron-size Bioglass(R) composites. These nanostructured composites can be the materials of choice for the development of composite bioactive scaffolds for bone tissue engineering and drug delivery.


Fig a. SEM image of m-BG particles

Fig b. SEM image of n-BG particles

Fig c. TEM image of n-BG particles

More details are available in the original paper published under the title "Comparison of nanoscale and microscale bioactive glass on the properties of P(3HB)/Bioglass® composites"


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