X-ray and neutron scattering

When it comes to computers, we all know that faster is better.
Understanding how the electronic and magnetic properties of materials are modified by the injection of charge carriers is of centr
The search for exotic particles is one of the most fascinating pursuits of modern physics.
Perhaps the most basic classification of a material is according to whether or not it conducts electricity in response to an appli
An international team of researchers including a group from the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN) at UCL have uncovered vital
In general, gaining an understanding of the properties of any material depends on determining the wavefunctions of its many-body g
A billon frames per second film has captured the vibrations of gold nanocrystals in stunning detail for the first time. The film,.
Electrons in materials interact with their environment, and one another, through a hierarchy of energy scales.
A major breakthrough in measuring the structure of nanomaterials under extremely high pressure has been made by researchers at the
Researchers at the LCN have revealed detailed 3D images of an important industrial coating that is used to reduce corrosion of shi