Terahertz Spectroscopy

A team lead by a LCN researcher has demonstrated a detector for terahertz waves with integrated optical nano-antennas.
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Peter Petrov

Peter's research interest is in the new material issues for development of nano-scale thin films and devices: fabrication of functional oxides based nano-scale multilayered structures; advanced methods for examining their structure and testing their electrical properties, and their implementation into microwave devices. He is the author of more than 50 scientific papers and inventor of four patent applications (two of them owned by Ericsson AB) which are now granted patents.

Stefan Maier

Professor Maier's research interests are in plasmonics and nanophotonics – finding ways to confine and guide light in a controlled manner on the nanoscale, below the optical diffraction limit. The main means to achieve this lies in the exploitation of surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs), electromagnetic surface waves supported at the interface between an electric conductor and a dielectric.

Neil Alford

Professor Neil Alford runs the Physical Electronics and Thin Film Materials group in the Department of Materials, Imperial College. The group have internationally recognised expertise in Pulsed Laser Deposition of ferroelectric based thin films and multilayer structures and their application for microwave tuneable devices.

Alwyn Seeds

Prof Seeds' research interests include Photonic generation and detection of THz signals; Optical communication systems; Wireless over fibre systems; Application of optical techniques to microwave systems; Optical frequency synthesis; Coherent optical detection technology; Opto-electronic device technology, especially using quantum effects; Tuneable semiconductor lasers, especially fast tuning and athermal operation; Optical regeneration and signal processing; Optical control of microwave devices.


Michael Pepper

Sir Michael's research interests are in Semi Conductors Nano structures; Theory and Applications of Terahertz Technology; Quantum transport in general; Localisation and metal-insulator transitions; Properties of strongly interacting electron gases; Bose-Einstein condensation in the solid state; Hybrid magnetic-semiconductor structures; Physics in medicine and biology.


Oleg Mitrofanov

Dr. Mitrofanov is actively involved in Terahertz (THz) research with the main focus on development and application of advanced THz characterization tools, such as THz time resolved imaging systems, which allow producing images in THz light with picosecond resolution. 



The remarkable ability of an electron to exist in two places at once has been controlled in the most common electronic material –.
The first steps towards a novel quantum computer based on standard electronics technology have been taken by a multi- disciplinary