Quantum Technologies

LCN Researchers at Imperial College London with colleages from the University of Manchester and University of Leeds have been awar
  At the beginning of the year MAPS enterprise, with the support of an Innovation & Enterprise Impact Acceleration Award...
The Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Jeremy Wright, officially opened UCL’s new quantum laboratories at..
Quantum Leap: from research to large-scale market: Two UCL professors present evidences to secure the future of the Quantum Techno
John Morton, Professor in Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics based at the LCN has been awarded a prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant
Superconducting quantum devices have emerged as a frontrunner in the pursuit of innovative new applications of quantum engineering
UCL has been awarded £25m by the UK Government to support new doctoral training partnerships in science and engineering, and...
In what may provide a potential path to connecting data in a quantum computer, researchers have shown that excited atoms in silico
LCN scientists have demonstrated a new hybrid system that is a promising candidate as a building block for quantum computation, sh
How do you measure the electronic properties of individual nanoparticles or molecules that are only a few nm in size?