An experiment conducted by LCN researchers in the Department of Physics, King’s College London, has revealed for the first time...
LCN researchers at King’s have proposed a new design for future microscopic vehicles powered by light. Published in Optics Letter
On Thursday 24 November, Imperial Lates dedicated an evening to explore the wonders of 'Tiny Science'. Researchers were invited...
LCN Co-Director Professor Anatoly Zayats (King's College London) has been elected to join Academia Europaea (AE), the Pan-European
On Thursday, 20 May, the London Institute for Advanced Light Technologies hosted The Shared Language of Light, an interdisciplinar
John Clerk Maxwell developed his famous Maxwell Equations whilst working at King’s College London in the late 19th Century....
Almost a hundred years on from its first proposal, a number of questions remain around what spin is.
The human brain easily outperforms today’s state-of-the-art supercomputers fed on just the calorie input of a modest diet, as oppo
LCN researchers at King’s College London have discovered how to control light at ultrafast timescales by designing the distributio
Skyrmions, ‘hedgehogs’ of electron spins, are well known in magnetic materials and were long considered for applications in spintr