The structure of pores found in the nuclei of cells has been uncovered by a team of scientists led by UCL, revealing how they sele
A billon frames per second film has captured the vibrations of gold nanocrystals in stunning detail for the first time. The film,.
A major breakthrough in measuring the structure of nanomaterials under extremely high pressure has been made by researchers at the
Researchers at the LCN have revealed detailed 3D images of an important industrial coating that is used to reduce corrosion of shi
A new advance in X-ray imaging has revealed the dramatic three-dimensional shape of gold nanocrystals, and is likely to shine a li
When Watson and Crick discovered the DNA double helix nearly sixty years ago, they based their structure on an averaged X-ray diff
A chilled beer or glass of wine are popular ways to relax after a long day, but what if nano-scale sensors could tell you exactly
One and a half centuries after its introduction into science, the concept of entropy still has the capacity to mystify.
The maintenance of epithelial tissue requires a fine balance between growth and cell death.
Differential stress induced by thiol adsorption on facetted nanocrystals When putting together a medical sensor for blood protein.