Magnetism and Spintronics

When it comes to computers, we all know that faster is better.
Understanding how the electronic and magnetic properties of materials are modified by the injection of charge carriers is of centr
The search for exotic particles is one of the most fascinating pursuits of modern physics.
In atomic physics, Hund's rules refers to a set of guidelines which are used to determine the term symbol that corresponds...
The solution to an important problem in spintronics research, found by an international collaboration including researchers at the
The transition between ferromagnetism and paramagnetism in metals is one of the simplest examples of a continuous phase transition
Thin films of spin ice have been shown to demonstrate surprising properties which could help in the development of applications of
A new mechanism of controlling magnetic states by electric currents has been discovered through an internationally collaborative w
Magnetism in a molecular thin film traditionally used in plastic electronics survives at temperatures reaching up to 100K, an orde