Magnetic characterisation

When it comes to computers, we all know that faster is better.
Understanding how the electronic and magnetic properties of materials are modified by the injection of charge carriers is of centr
The search for exotic particles is one of the most fascinating pursuits of modern physics.
The world of materials we see around us is governed by just one law of nature, discovered by the French scientist Charles-Augustin
In general, gaining an understanding of the properties of any material depends on determining the wavefunctions of its many-body g
The energy needed to change the magnetic orientation of a single atom – which determines its magnetic stability and therefore...
Electrons in materials interact with their environment, and one another, through a hierarchy of energy scales.
In this week’s edition of Nature Communications, Dr. Laura Bovo and co-workers at the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN)...
Novel flexible, lightweight and low cost “plastic” electronics, including OLEDs and organic solar cells, rely on semiconducting...
At its most fundamental level, classical physics considers liquids as being made up of atoms, ions or molecules that swirl and flo