The Mechanics of Life Doctoral Scholarship Programme was launched at King's College London last week.   With the aim of...
Study on new pre-clinical therapeutic paradigm for tackling antimicrobial resistance wins the Rayleigh Award for most outstanding
In the 1990s an optical imaging technique emerged that overturned the “diffraction limit”, which for over a century had defined...
Biomimetic Hybrid Nanocontainers with Selective Permeability Scientists from the LCN have engineered a novel nanoscale drug delive
Scientists from the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN) and National Physical Laboratory (NPL) have converted a breast milk pro
The structure of pores found in the nuclei of cells has been uncovered by a team of scientists led by UCL, revealing how they sele
Researchers at the London Centre for Nanotechnology have determined the structure of DNA from measurements on a single molecule, a
One of the most remarkable properties of animal cells is their ability to migrate.
A major step forward in understanding how sodium channels function has been made by a team of researchers at the London Centre...
Researchers at the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN) have developed a method for measuring the stability of proteins using va