A form of brain-inspired computing that exploits the intrinsic physical properties of a material to dramatically reduce energy use
Scientists from the LCN have revealed how materials such as gold can help create protein crystals.
Biomimetic Hybrid Nanocontainers with Selective Permeability Scientists from the LCN have engineered a novel nanoscale drug delive
An LCN pioneer in regenerative medicine has received one of the highest accolades in her field.Professor Molly Stevens has receive
Researchers from the LCN and the University of Milano-Bicocca have developed a bio-glass material that mimics the shock-absorbing
Scientists at Imperial College London are developing new nano-materials and technologies that include high-throughput methods for
Researchers in the Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences have been awarded three major new grants from the European Resear
Animal cells behave like fluid-filled sponges in response to being mechanically deformed according to new research published in Na
Scientists have developed an ultra-sensitive test that should enable them to detect signs of a disease in its earliest stages, in
When Watson and Crick discovered the DNA double helix nearly sixty years ago, they based their structure on an averaged X-ray diff