Research Overview

The London Centre for Nanotechnology stands out because its research is focused to deliver results in the following areas, which are of fundamental importance to both the general public, industry, and the academic and scientific communities.

Society’s need for healthcare continues to grow. In many countries, expenditure on healthcare is typically the largest item on a nation’s balance sheet. LCN is uniquely placed, through the vast bio-medical expertise it can access, to develop new paradigms in healthcare.

Projects encompass specialised sensors and tools for drug discovery, as well as more fundamental research on cellular biophysics.

Information Technology
The computing and communications needs of society continue to grow and have become increasingly complex. Current information technology (IT) approaches are limited and a variety of new methods are being sought by LCN staff to circumvent these limitations, applying nanotechnology-driven paradigms such as quantum computing and spintronics.

Climate change is probably the single largest threat to society in the 21st century. The LCN uses its expertise ranging from biology to chemistry and materials science to conduct research in novel photovoltaics, new approaches to exploring current energy supplies, new materials for the nuclear industry and to store hydrogen efficiently at room temperature.

For an in-depth description of the LCN's research areas and which of our academics are involved, please browse the "Research Areas" and "Research Techniques" sections.