LCN Student Profiles

Terry Kang
Current Post: LCN PhD student (3rd year)

Hi! My name is Terry. I was originally born in South Korea and now I’m a PhD student in Richard Jackman’s group at LCN. I study properties of nanodiamonds and fabrication of diamond-based 3D sensing platform for biological applications, especially for neuronal intercellular recording. Use of semiconducting diamond will enable electronic recording from the active cell network and the establishment of an electronic-cell network.

Prior to starting my PhD I completed a MSc in Nanotechnology at UCL researching on synthesis and biofunctionalisation of magnetic nanoparticles for magnetic imaging.

Aakanksha Sud
Current Post: LCN PhD student (3rd year)

“Hello I'm Aakanksha. Originally from India I started my PhD at UCL in 2017 researching in the field of spintronics.  My work involves studying different  ferromagnetic material groups and controlling the magnetisation through current induced spin polarisation.The control of spin-orbit interaction in these materials will pave way for low-power control of magnetic switching in proto-type devices.New data processing methods based on spins can lead to future clean-energy technologies that offer high-density, low-power consumptions in worldwide energy uses in electronics.

Kavit Main
Current Post: LCN PhD student (2nd year)


“Hi, I am Kavit. I was born in Mombasa, Kenya, and grew up in London. I completed my Master of Pharmacy, MPharm, degree at UCL, where my dissertation involved evaluating the druggability of four-way telomeric DNA Holliday junctions. Following clinical placements at hospitals such as Chelsea and Westminster and the Royal Free, I developed an interest in oncology and subsequently completed my MSc Cancer at UCL Cancer Institute.

I am currently undertaking my PhD in biophysics, looking at the topological dependence of DNA - topoisomerase interactions and the mechanics of topoisomerase inhibitors. This is necessary to aid therapeutic refinement and development – vital for securing the efficacy and longevity of these inhibitory therapeutics against the global burdens of cancer and antimicrobial resistance.


Eleanor Harpum
Current Post: LCN PhD student (1st year)

My name is Elli and I study low dimensional transport in semiconductors.

I knew I wanted to be a physicist when I discovered that one could study space for a career! I grew up in Essex, doing the International Baccalaureate and then going on to Cardiff University to read Physics. I came to UCL in 2017 to do my MSc, and then accepted a PhD position with the LCN this year. My MSc project focussed on low dimensional transport in GaAs. My PhD is on creating spin qubits in silicon using phosphorus as a dopant.

In my free time, I like to tweet about science and camp with my Guides as a leader. I am deaf and use a wheelchair, and am learning BSL with the Sign Language Society. I also do living history re-enactment! 


Oscar Lee
Current Post: LCN PhD student (2nd year)

Hi all! My name is Oscar. I am originally from South Korea and I first came to the UK when I was 8 years old. My course of education has been quite an interesting journey. I’ve spent my primary years in England, moved back to South Korea, Seoul for my GCSEs, and returned back to England, Manchester, where I completed my A-levels.
After finishing both Bachelor's and Master’s degree at UCL in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, I decided to extend my academic career to pursue a PhD. in Spintronics. My research aims to revolutionise how we power our daily electronic devices, such as computers and phones. It has been a stone craved fact for a long time in history that in order to switch or operate an electronic device, a flow of current is necessary, raising flags to overheating problems.
However fortunately, we are working to develop a completely new and novel technique by carefully studying and making adequate manipulations to fundamentals of physics. Upon success of the research, the technology will allow us to not only power and use electronic devices without consuming any current at all, but remove the word “overheating” from our future dictionaries.


Jameel Imran
Current Post: LCN PhD student (2nd year)

Hello, I'm Jameel, I’m originally from Manchester and completed my MSci in Chemistry at the University of Glasgow. I am on the EngD programme and have just completed my MRes.

Researching in the Thornton group, my EngD looks at fundamental studies of metal oxide surfaces relevant to green hydrogen production, using UHV techniques, STM and surface X-ray diffraction alongside theory to create models. The research aims to provide a fundamental nanoscale understanding of photocatalytic surfaces.