Doctoral Training Centres

Doctoral Training Centres offer 4- year Ph.D. and Eng. Doc degrees, with a taught component. You can be a LCN Ph.D. student and also belong to one of the following UCL Doctoral Training Centres. Click on the course links for further details. 

CDT in Delivering Quantum Technologies

Quantum technologies involve the control and manipulation of quantum states to achieve results not possible with classical matter; they promise a transformation of measurement, communication and computation.  The highly-skilled researchers who will be the future leaders in this field must be equipped to function in a complex research and engineering landscape where quantum physics meets cryptography, complexity and information theory, devices, materials, software and hardware engineering.  UCL’s CDT in Delivering Quantum Technologies brings together a team of almost forty academic experts with key players from commerce and government and a network of international partner institutes to train those research leaders.

The CDT will provide a new 4-year programme.  The students will take a broadly based training year before undertaking a PhD research project in one of the centre’s research groups.  They will also be trained in entrepreneurship, outreach and scientific communication.  As breakthroughs in quantum technologies begin to move out of the lab and into industrial applications, these students will be uniquely placed to benefit.  Staff at UCL have strong links with enterprise and industry, giving students a short-cut directly into the heart of business. UCL’s location in central London means unparalleled access to partner institutions around the world, from multinational companies to top universities, as well as to UCL’s own world-class laboratory facilities.

Information on funding, the applications process and other course details can be found here.

CDT in the Advanced Characterisation of Materials

The Advanced Characterisation of Materials is fundamental to the development of new products and new materials; it has a pivotal role in key areas including energy, IT, healthcare, security and transport.

The growing need for the development of new materials and devices in these areas is leading to a great demand from industry for highly trained and highly competent Materials scientists. Advances in electronics, photovoltaics, corrosion, biomaterials, advanced ceramics, composites, advanced metal alloys for transport, membranes, nanotechnology, fullerenes and graphene depend on the detailed characterisation of the bulk, interfaces and surfaces of the constituent materials.

Training the future leaders in the field of Advanced Characterisation of Materials

In the Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in the Advanced Characterisation of Materials (ACM) you will be trained as part of a cohort to gain a broad range of expertise across many length and energy scales.  You will gain an in-depth expertise in specialist areas of characterisation thus enjoying a unique research training experience.

You will be conducting research under the supervision of leading experts at both Imperial College London and University College London (UCL) in the course of a 4-year PhD programme.

You will gain skills in state-of-the-art characterisation techniques, many of which at Imperial College London and UCL are unique to the UK research base. 

Our training philosophy is that the next generation of scientists working on the Advanced Characterisation of Materials will provide the innovation and creativity required to lead the world in the development and manufacture of new materials making a real and positive impact on the quality of life of future generations.

How to express your interest

Before sending your formal application we would like to invite you send us a copy of your CV and a cover letter explaining your interest in becoming part of the CDT in the Advanced Characterisation of Materials (ACM), stating the skills and qualities you could bring to the cohort.

Promising candidates will be invited to submit a formal application.

Please send in a copy of your CV and a cover letter to:

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