LCN Seminar Series

The joint seminars aim to showcase research being carried out across the three LCN institutions. Held monthly during term time, each seminar will focus on a specific challenge, topic, or technique, and will comprise of 3 short talks.

Ultrafast Lasers 26 May 2021

Dr Amelle Zaïr - King's College London High-harmonic XUV sources: from lab to infastructure

Professor Jon Marangos Measuring photoexcited dynamics in the few-femtosecond time-domain

Professor Ian Robinson- UCL Where does laser melting start in polycrystalline metals


Energy Harvesting - 28 April 2021

Dr Agi Brandt-Talbot - Imperial College London Biopolymer processing with low-cost ionic liquids

Dr Carla Perez Martinez - UCL Unexpected phenomena in ionic liquids and other concentrated electrolytes

Dr Leigh Aldous – King's College London Waste heat to electricity conversion in thermogalvanic cells, and our attempts to get nanomaterials involved

Single-Molecule Science- 24 February 2021

Dr Binoy Paulose Nadappuram - Imperial College

London New methods for single cell and single molecule screening

Dr Ismael Diez Perez - King's College London

Deciphering Bioelectricity Mechanisms using Single-Protein Junctions

Dr Taylor Stock – UCL

Silicon surface chemistry of atomically precise arsenic doping


Nanomechanics - 27 January 2021

Dr Finn Giuliani - Imperial College London

In situ stable fracture tests of ceramic interfaces

Professor Sergi Garcia-Manyes - King's College London

The mechanical stability of proteins regulates their translocation rate into the cell nucleus

Professor Bart Hoogenboom - UCL

Nanomechanics in bacterial life and assassination


Plasmonics - 18 November 2020


Dr Fang Xie – Imperial College London

Engineering plasmonic materials for healthcare and solar energy harvesting applications

Professor Anatoly Zayats – King's College London

Nonlinear plasmonic metamaterials

Dr Sabrina Simoncelli – UCL

Monitoring plasmonic hot-carrier chemical reaction at the single particle level


COVID-19 28 October 2020

Dr Cecilia Mattevi - Imperial College London

Nanotechnology-Enabled Approaches against the COVID-19

Pandemic Professor Rachel McKendry - UCL

i-sense EPSRC IRC: Harnessing nanotechnology, biomedical engineering and machine learning to build early warning sensing systems for COVID-19

Professor Harris Makatsoris - King's College London

Modular factories-in-a-box for scalable vaccine manufacture