LCN Building Reopening and Access

The information below is current as of May 10th 2022.


Please note that, in line with UCL's policy (see UCL's Covid pages for more information), face coverings are now only strongly recommended in areas of high density/low ventilation, such as our meeting rooms and lift.  It is now personal preference whether to wear a face covering at any other time within the building  Please do respect the wishes and feelings of others within the building, including those wearing any 'Please Give me Space' lanyards or badges (see UCL's Distance Aware initiative).  

Please note that all other previous measures have been relaxed, including the need for regular LCN users to sign in and out each day during the normal working day.  Anyone who had access to the LCN pre-pandemic should now be able to enter the building freely without booking or signing in so long as their swipe card is still valid.  In addition, please note that we are transitioning to a new model of agile working, where the basic expectation is everyone should be on site 40% of the time (situation dependant; please speak to your line manager).  As part of this, most desks are no longer allocated and you will be able to work at any desk you wish, with the intention being that you can work and collaborate alongside others working in your research theme with greater ease.  Please also do not share keyboards or mice; these should be individually assigned and locked away when out of use.

If any LCN users receive a positive Lateral Flow Test result, please continue to report via Connect to Protect.  This is the main route that UCL will use to notify any close contacts and arrange any additional cleaning required in the building, so please do make use of this tool.  Note that, with the removal of social distancing requirements, training activities can now recommence.

Please do respect the wishes and concerns of others when operating within the LCN as there may be others in the building who have underlying health conditions or are unable to receive vaccination against Covid-19.  Also, please do stay at home if you feel unwell at all.

If you have any questions or concerns about the above, please do contact Matt Lougher, the Departmental Safety and Facility Manager, or Marta Wasik, our Departmental Manager.  The previous general Covid Risk Assessment for the department, based on UCL's updated guidance following the relaxation of restrictions, can be found here.  Please note that this web page will be the main source of updates moving forwards.

As a final note, due to the low numbers in the building we are still operating under some weekend working assumptions, as we may not have a full complement of technical staff, first aiders or fire marshals in the building.  If you have any queries about how this may affect your work, please do contact Matt or Emma as above or, for queries specifically relating to certain facilities, please see the Cleanroom page, or contact Richard Thorogate (AFM, MPMS, PPMS) or the laboratory manager of the specific facilities you wish to enquire about.