LCN Building Reopening and Access

The information below is current as of July 19th 2021.


In line with the relaxation of legal restrictions on social distancing and mask wearing by the UK Government, UCL has now relaxed the majority of their restrictions on campus also (please see UCL's Covid pages for more information).  As part of this, the majority of restrictions within the LCN have also been removed, including the need to pre-book attendance to the building and complete our previous Return to Work requirements.  This means that anyone who had access to the LCN pre-pandemic will now be able to access the building (so long as their access has not expired in the interim) and escorted visitors are now, once again, also permitted.  In addition, two way access to the LCN is now possible via all external doors (including those from Physics) and the one way system on level 5 has been removed.  In line with UCL policy, people may still work from home if they wish to but they can now return to work in the LCN building freely if they so desire.  Hot desking/desk sharing is now also permitted but anyone working in this way must clean down all areas and shared equipment before and after use with some of the disinfectant wipes which are available on most landings in the building.

Please note that we are still asking all users of the building to wear face coverings at all times unless exempt/unable except when eating or drinking or working alone in a private office (if working alone in an open plan office we would still request that you wear a face covering).  In addition, we are still asking building users to log their attendance by signing in and out online so that we can gauge the building usage and also collect supplementary data in case of the need to notify potential close contacts.

All LCN users should continue to take lateral flow tests at least twice weekly if attending the building in line with UCL advice and should report positive or negative test results via Connect to Protect.  This is the main route that UCL will use to notify any close contacts and arrange any additional cleaning required in the building, so please do make use of this tool.  Note that, with the removal of social distancing requirements, training activities can now recommence but please do be aware that any positive Covid cases in a training group may require all trainers and trainees to self isolate in line with Government guidance.

We are aware that cases in the community are still increasing, and many of our users will not yet have had their full course of vaccinations, so please do respect the wishes and concerns of others when operating within the LCN.  Also, please do stay at home if you feel unwell at all.

If you have any questions or concerns about the above, please do contact Matt Lougher, the Departmental Safety and Facility Manager, or Emma Grant, our Departmental Manager.

As a final note, due to the low numbers in the building we are still operating under weekend working assumptions, as we may not have a full complement of technical staff, first aiders or fire marshals in the building.  If you have any queries about how this may affect your work, please do contact Matt or Emma as above or, for queries specifically relating to certain facilities, please see the Cleanroom page, or contact Richard Thorogate (AFM, MPMS, PPMS) or the laboratory manager of the specific facilities you wish to enquire about.