LCN Building Reopening and Access

The information below is current as of May 2021.

As we emerge from the latest national lockdown, we are still capped at 25% occupancy but have begun to allow some limited use of office areas as well as being able to open our front doors once more.  There are still restrictions on some activities such as training, as well as limiting our opening hours and taking some entrances and exits out of use.  All work within the department should be done at 2m separation and face coverings should be worn at all times unless medically exempt.  If users can work from home, they must continue to do so.


LCN Access Requirements

If you need to access the LCN and have not done so since we reopened in July 2020, please follow the four steps below:

  1. Read the UCL Covid Health Questionnaire and determine your risk tier.  If you are UCL staff or student you should discuss this with your supervisor/line manager, otherwise please self-certify.  Please note you do not need to email the completed form, just confirm which tier you fall into and that you are happy with the level of risk that entails.
  2. Either have attended or watch the recording of the All-LCN Meeting.  A recording of the most recent All-LCN Meeting (21st October 2020) is available here (the previous meeting from July is still available here for reference).  Note a UCL log-on will be required for both.  If you do not have a UCL log-on, you can view a recording of the October meeting via this link instead.
  3. Complete a refresher of UCL's Basic Fire Safety elearning course.  Note that this must be accessed via VPN or Remote Desktop, with both VPN/Remote Desktop and training requiring you to use your UCL log-on credentials if using the above link (details of how to recover lost credentials listed below).  If you experience difficulty accessing via VPN or Remote Desktop, please try accessing via the alternative link here, which should be accessible from a standard network connection and browser.  Please note that you should complete both parts of this training, including the second module and quiz on the role of the Fire Evacuation Marshal.  Please either contact the Department Safety and Facility Manager or the manager of the facility you wish to access if you need a PTAE code for the training, although this is not usually essential information for this course.  Note that if you are accessing the training from within the virtual Remote Desktop environment, it may not load correctly if accessed via Internet Explorer.
  4. Read the General LCN Return to Work Risk Assessment as well as the specific Return to Work Risk Assessment for the lab(s) you wish to access (again, please contact the manager of the laboratory/facility you wish to access for this).  We have also issued a Code of Practice for those who do return, which contains a summary of the key information you will need to be aware of when returning to the LCN building at UCL

Once you have completed these tasks, please email Matt Lougher, the Department Safety and Facility Manager, stating that you have done so.  He will then be able to arrange for your UCL access card to be reactivated for access to the building.  If you are a completely new starter at the LCN, please speak to your line manager/supervisor about arranging an induction to the building in the usual manner - these inductions will be carried out online using video footage of the building in order to provide a virtual tour.

In addition to the above, anyone returning to UCL campus in general should also complete the UCL Return to Work Induction, which has the same requirements as the Fire Safety induction in terms of VPN or Remote Desktop access.


Returning to LCN

In order to gain access to the LCN and have your swipe card reinstated, the activities detailed in the above section must be undertaken whether you are a member of LCN/UCL or an approved external user.  Please note that access to facilities such as the cleanroom and AFM suites may have additional restrictions in place in terms of a minimum required level of experience or similar as the lower building occupancy means that the department is operating under weekend operating restrictions regarding lone working and high hazard activities. 

For Cleanroom access information, please see their pages here.

The building is currently open from 8am to 8pm seven days a week.  Access is via the main entrance on Gordon Street Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, and via Physics at evenings and weekends.  To access via this route, use the main UCL entrance on Gower Street and through the North Cloisters to Physics, where you must progress along the corridor on the left hand side until you reach the far stairwell or lift to ascend to either floor 2 or 4 to enter the LCN.  At all times, the B-1 access door to the LCN is to be used for exit only.  Please do not linger anywhere on campus, especially the Physics Department which has its own opening times and procedures, while travelling to or from the LCN.

Please note that everyone attending the LCN should sign in and out electronically via each day to enable us to track occupancy of the building in real time.  Also, any attendance should be planned in advance with your lab/facility manager, who will notify the Department Safety and Facility Manager so we ensure that we do not plan to exceed our calculated safe occupancy.

When returning to the LCN, you will find within the building that some changes have been made to the way you move around the building and the areas you are able to access. This has been done to ensure the safety of those using the building. Those on site can report anonymously if they feel the code of Practice has not been adhered to, or their wellbeing has been effected.  Violation of the Code of Practice can also be reported via UCL's RiskNET tool as a Covid Non-Compliance.

Although we are obviously operating under tight restrictions in terms of building access and occupancy, we are excited to be operational again, and are working towards expanding capacity as soon as it is safe to do so. We look forward to seeing you again soon. 

For queries relating to returning to campus or any of the above requirements and information, please do get in touch with Matt Lougher, our Departmental Safety and Facilities Manager, or Emma Grant, our Departmental Manager.

For queries relating specifically to our Facilities, please see the Cleanroom page, or contact Richard Thorogate (AFM, MPMS, PPMS) or the laboratory manager of the specific facilities you wish to access.


Forgotten UCL Log-On Credentials

All LCN users are set up with UCL internet credentials as part of their registration process, and these will be needed to complete the above requirements for reinstatement of card access.  If you have forgotten your UCL ID or password, please follow the procedures below:

  • Forgotten User ID
    • Enter UPI (found on UCL swipe card) and Date of Birth here
  • Forgotten Password
    • Mobile Number previously registered
      • Visit your UCL Account and select bottom right option
      • Verify mobile number and receive a text code
      • Reset Password
    • Mobile Number not previously registered
      • Ask the manager of the laboratory/facility you are using to contact the departmental IT representative. They will then need to contact central ISD on your behalf and provide your phone number (if preferred, they can instead email you and you can forward your number on directly).
      • Central ISD will then phone you to confirm the number and will link it to your account.
      • Once registered, go through steps above to reset password