Simon Ameer-Beg

Professor Simon Ameer-Beg

Simon Ameer-Beg

Dr Simon Ameer-Beg is a Reader at the Randall Centre for Cell & Molecular Biophysics at King's College London.

Since joining King’s College London in February 2006, I have developed a programme of research spanning three separate areas of microscopy with the broad goal of investigating quantitative molecular imaging for the study of protein-protein interactions. My current research program focuses on the development of optical instruments to address fundamental biological questions regarding the dynamic interaction of protein partners within the cellular environment, furthering our understanding of cell signalling dynamics and control in cancer.

I have been involved in four high-profile collaborative imaging projects since joining KCL funded by EPSRC, Cancer Research UK and BBSRC (2 projects) respectively the details of which are summarised below.

The nature of my work is, by definition, multidisciplinary and I have been successful in both acquiring funding in this area and prosecuting the work throughout my career.

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