Aldo Boccaccini

Prof Aldo Boccaccini

Dr Aldo Boccaccini

Aldo Boccaccini is Professor of Biomaterials and Head of the Institute of Biomaterials at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. Until October 2009 he was Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Imperial College London, UK, Department of Materials, where he is now Visiting Professor. Prof. Boccaccini holds an MSc (Nuclear Engineering) from Instituto Balseiro (Argentina), PhD (Dr-Ing.) from Aachen University of Technology (Germany) and Habilitation from Ilmenau University of Technology (Germany). Previously, he had appointments at the University of Birmingham (UK), the University of California at San Diego (USA) and the Ilmenau University of Technology (Germany).Prof. Boccaccini leads a multidisciplinary research group composed of 20 PhD students and several post-doctoral researchers, visiting students and academic visitors. He is also associated with the Composites Centre and the UK Structural Ceramics Centre at Imperial College London. The research activities of Prof. Boccaccini are in the broad area of glasses, ceramics and polymer/glass composites for biomedical, functional, and/or structural applications.

Imperial College London
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