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Dr Dominic Papineau

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Precambrian biogeochemistry (chemical signs of life in very old rocks...)
Chemical evolution of the atmosphere and hydrosphere
Geobiology of stromatolites and banded iron formations

I obtained my BSc in physics and biochemistry from McGill University in my hometown of Montréal, Québec, Canada. I received my PhD in geological sciences and astrobiology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. I was then a postdoc at the Carnegie Institution of Washington. I am currently a lecturer in nanobiogeochemistry at the London Centre for Nanotechnology, teach and do research in the Department of Earth Sciences, and I am on the board of the Centre for Planetary Sciences at UCL.
My research interests are in the general field of Precambrian biogeochemical evolution, biosignatures, and microanalyses to search for life on other planets (exobiology). My personal interests include history and politics, concerns about world affairs, climate change, the fair exploitation of natural resources, and social justice, but I also enjoy fun activities like sailing, skiing, kayaking, scuba diving, trekking. I also really enjoy exploring for fossils and microbial mats in far away places and taking pictures in museums. My family keeps me very happy.

Awards and honours: 

2009-2013    NASA Early Career Fellow.

2007-2009    Postdoctoral Research Scholarship from the Fonds de recherche sur la nature et les technologies du Québec (first place).

2006-2008    Carnegie Institution of Washington postdoctoral fellowship.

2005             NASA Astrobiology Institute and Canadian Institute for Advanced Research travel award for the Earth Systems Processes II conference.

2004             W.O. Thompson graduate student award, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Colorado at Boulder.

2003-2006    Ph.D. research scholarship from the Fonds de recherche sur la nature et les technologies du Québec (first place).

2001-2003    Graduate research scholarship from the Fonds pour les chercheurs et l’aide à la recherche du Québec (third place).

2000             Travel award from the NASA Academy Alumni Association for the Space Frontier Conference.

1999             Travel award from the Canadian Space Agency for the second Canadian Space Exploration Workshop.

1999             NASA Astrobiology Academy scholarship from the Canadian Space Agency.

1996             Travel award from the Office franco-québécois pour la jeunesse for the “Science et citoyens” symposium.



Origin of life and exobiology (new proposed module)