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Dr. Rodolfo I. Hermans

Dr. Rodolfo I. Hermans

Research Associate
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+44 20 7679 9997

I got my Bachelor and M.Sc. at P.U.C., Chile investigating ferroelectric domains with a self-build atomic force microscope (AFM). I obtained a M.Phil. and Ph.D. at Columbia University Applied Physics developing a high speed force-clamp AFM and robust statistical methodology to study the mechanical properties of proteins at unprecedented time resolution which lead to the discovery of an unexpectedly broad distribution of unfolding rates, revealing the heterogeneity of the structural state of the folded protein. Currently I'm working as Research Associate on the project "Multi-marker Nanosensors for HIV" lead byProfessor Gabriel Aeppli. My focus is on the development of instrumentation and a novel detection scheme for the response of cantilever nano-sensors.

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Science and Enginnering Consultant