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Rob Davies

Dr Rob P Davies

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0207 5945754
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45 754
Research Interests: 
Metal Organic Frameworks and Coordination Polymers
Organometallic and coordination chemistry
Main group metals in organic synthesis
Mechanistic studies of organic reactions
Chalcogen chemistry, in particular of compounds containing phosphorus – chalcogen bonds
Coordination chemistry with chalcogen based ligand systems

Dr Rob Davies is a Senior Lecturer in the Synthesis Section.  He graduated from the University of Bristol  with a first class degree, before going to St John’s College Cambridge to study for his PhD with the late Dr Ron Snaith.  He was subsequently appointed to a three year Research Fellowship at St Catharines College Cambridge before moving to Imperial College London where he was awarded a Governors' lectureship. His research interests lie in synthetic organometallic and coordination chemistry, especially of the main group metals.

Awards and honours: 
  • Rectors Award for Excellence in Teaching, Imperial College, 2011
  • Chemistry Department Lecture SOLE Prize, Imperial College, 2010
  • Benefactors' Scholarship, St John's College Cambridge, 1994
  • Governors' Lectureship, Imperial College London, 2000
  • Research Fellowship, St Catharine's College Cambridge, 1997