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Prof Fionn Dunne

Prof Fionn Dunne FREng

Chair in Micromechanics
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Fionn Dunne is Chair in Micromechanics. Prior to coming to Imperial in 2012, he was Professor of Engineering Science at Oxford University. Current research is in micromechanics and the fundamentals of deformation and failure particularly relating to hexagonal polycrystal materials. Current areas of research include computational crystal plasticity, fatigue crack nucleation, texture and dislocation structure development and polycrystal sonics for NDE.

He is Associate Editor of Philosophical Magazine and co-author of Introduction to Computational Plasticity, OUP, 2005. He is a consultant to Rolls-Royce, a member of their Core Materials Working Group and was a Royal Society Industry Fellow in 05/06 spent with Rolls-Royce. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2010.

Selected Publications

Sweeney CA, Vorster W, Leen SB, et al., 2013, The role of elastic anisotropy, length scale and crystallographic slip in fatigue crack nucleation, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, Vol:61, ISSN:0022-5096, Pages:1224-1240

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Dunne FPE, Kiwanuka R, Wilkinson AJ, 2012, Crystal plasticity analysis of micro-deformation, lattice rotation and geometrically necessary dislocation density, Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical & Engineering Sciences, Vol:468, ISSN:1364-5021, Pages:2509-2531

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Kartal ME, Dunne FPE, Wilkinson AJ, 2012, Determination of the complete microscale residual stress tensor at a subsurface carbide particle in a single-crystal superalloy from free-surface EBSD, Acta Materialia, Vol:60, ISSN:1359-6454, Pages:5300-5310

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Vorster WJJ, Dunne FPE, 2012, Crystal plasticity and multiscale modelling of superalloy creep, Philosophical Magazine, Vol:92, ISSN:1478-6435, Pages:830-848

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McDowell DL, Dunne FPE, 2010, Microstructure-sensitive computational modeling of fatigue crack formation, International Journal of Fatigue, Vol:32, ISSN:0142-1123, Pages:1521-1542

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