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Dr Ji-Seon Kim

Dr Ji-Seon Kim

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Ji-Seon Kim is a Senior Lecturer in Physics at the Imperial College London. She also holds a Visiting Professorship in Materials Science and Engineering at KAIST, South Korea. She has previously taken up an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship in the Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge, UK. She obtained a PhD in Physics in 2000 from the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Prof. Sir Richard Friend and was a Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Cambridge. She was a recipient for the 2003 Descartes first prize of the European Commission. She is conducting scientific research as a technical consultant for Cambridge Display Technology Ltd. Her research encompasses a broad range of fundamental issues related to molecular electronic materials and devices including surface/interface science, device physics and molecular modelling (See more details in the attached file). Her work has been well recognised internationally, leading to invited talks in international conferences and scientific meetings and publications in major journals. Her research programme benefits from multidisciplinary scientific background in theoretical and experimental organic semiconductor physics and surface/interface science, which provides a unique perspective to approach the research programme in molecular electronic materials and devices (MEMD). She is leading MEMD Nanoanalysis Group currently supervising 7 PhD students (2 industrial CASE) and 3 Post-Doc researchers, also acting as a Head of Admissions for Plastic Electronics Doctoral Training Centre at Imperial.


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James DT, Frost JM, Wade J, et al., 2013, Controlling Microstructure of Pentacene Derivatives by Solution Processing: Impact of Structural Anisotropy on Optoelectronic Properties., ACS Nano, 1936-0851, Pages:- DOI Author Web Link

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