Visit to the LCN by the Director General for Innovation, Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology

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Delegation included:

  • XU Jianguo, Director-General for Innovation, Office for Innovation Systems, Ministry of Science and Technology. (delegation leader)
  • Yushan ZHAO, Deputy General Manager, Shandong Oriental Ocean Group Ltd.
  • Li Ruitao, China Electronics Corporation (CEC)
  • Wang Xiaolin, China General Technology (Group) Holding Ltd (Genertec).

The UCL visit was hosted by Professor Xiao Guo, UCL Pro-Provost for China. UCL has a number of MoST-funded projects, including a collaboration between the London Centre for Nanotechnology, Peking University and Tsinghua University. This particular visit formed part of the third UK-China Innovation Dialogue taking place in London in October 2012. 

Dr Tania Saxl lead the delegation on a tour of the LCN, to illustrate innovation and technology transfer in the department. The delegates met with Dr. Robert Edgington (Diamond electronics), Dr. Neil Curson (Nano-scale electronic materials and devices), Dr. Bart Hoogenboom and Ms Aizhan Bestembayeva (Atomic Force Microscopy) and Dr Samadhan Patil (Biosensors).