UKRI EPSRC Transformative Healthcare Technologies funds £6 Million

Molly Stevens

A robotic muscles project involving LCN Academic Professor Molly Stevens has been awarded £6m from UKRI EPSRC Transformative Healthcare Technologies. The funding aims to foster the development of revolutionary new technological approaches to transform care and treatments in the NHS by 2050.

 The project, called emPOWER, aims to develop artificial robotic muscular assistance to help restore strength in people who have lost muscle capability. It is hoped the development of artificial muscular robotic assistance could help overcome the limitations of current wearable assistive technologies in regenerative medicine and provide life-changing benefits to sufferers of strokes or degenerative diseases.

 Professor Stevens said: “Loss of strength and muscle wastage is currently an unenviable part of getting older and has a significant impact on health and quality of life. emPOWER will explore how artificial muscles could radically transform treatment options in the future and effectively turn back the body clock.”

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