UCL Promotes LCN Researchers

UCL has announced the promotion of four LCN PIs to senior academic positions, effective October 1, 2014.


John Morton has been promoted to Professor of Nanoelectronics & Nanophotonics at the LCN. He leads the Quantum Spin Dynamics group, and his research looks at the coherent control of electron and nuclear spins in solid state materials and devices, with a focus on quantum technologies. He joined the LCN from Oxford University in July 2012.


The new Professor of Nanoelectronics at the LCN will be Paul Warburton, who joined UCL from King’s College London in 2001. An experimentalist, he works on the physics and technology of nanoelectronic devices - in particular one-dimensional superconductors and semiconductors.


Neil Curson has been made Senior Lecturer. Dr Curson was appointed to UCL in 2007, and his research interests are centred around understanding and controlling the behaviour of atoms and molecules at surfaces and the development and deployment of scanning probe lithography techniques, towards fabrication of nanoscale electronic devices and atomic-scale components for quantum information processing. Dr Curson leads the UCL half of the joint Centre for Doctoral Training in Advanced Characterisation of Materials with Imperial College.


Finally, Christopher Kay will become Professor of EPR Spectroscopy. He joined UCL in 2006, and has a wide range of research interests in the field of structural and molecular biology.