UCL promotes LCN academics

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The results of UCL's 2016 senior promotions were announced last week and include three LCN academics.  

Bart Hoogenboom has been promoted to Professor of Biophyics.  He has a prominent interest in exploiting nanotechnological tools to investigate the molecular machines that make the biological cell function in a way similar to a macroscopic factory and yet - because of their nanometre-scale size and the presence of an aqueous environment - so different.  He leads a research group that has a strong focus on scanning probe techniques, in particular use of the atomic force microscope (AFM).  Bart was promoted for his research on biophyics, including the visualisation and understanding of biology at nanometre length scales.  

Guillaume Charras has been promoted to Professor of Cell and Tissue Biophysics.  Guillaume's research aims to understand the biological and physical mechanisms that power cell motility within three-dimensional environments such as connective tissue by combining modern molecular and cell biological techniques with biophysical measurement and micromanipulation techniques derived from nanotechnology, microfluidic technology, and computational modelling.

Mark Buitelaar is now Reader in Nanoelectronics.  Mark’s research involves understanding and engineering quantum coherence and correlations in carbon-based nanodevices - a novel research direction which is highly relevant to fields as diverse as quantum metrology, spintronics, and quantum information processing.

Academic promotion at UCL is highly competitive and our sincere congratulations go to these LCN members of staff on a tremendous achievement.