Three new LCN appointments at Imperial College

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Three new lecturers have been appointed to the LCN at Imperial College: Dr Theoni Georgiou; Dr Fang Xie; Dr Ainara Aguadero


Dr Theoni Georgiou, Ph.D in 2006 in Polymer Chemistry entitled “Star polymers for gene delivery and star-based polymeric networks”. Postdoctoral Fellow with Prof. Antonios G. Mikos at the Department of Bioengineering at Rice University in the USA. She worked on “Polymeric materials for tissue engineering” and on “Degradable polymers for gene delivery”. In 2007 she was awarded an RCUK Academic Fellowship and joined the Department of Chemistry at the University of Hull. In 2012 she was promoted to a lecturer.  Theoni will join us in January 2014.


Dr Fang Xie, Fang  joined the Department of Materials at Imperial College London in November 2008 as a post-doctoral researcher.  Her research concerns novel nanomaterials synthesis and fabrication and their applications in energy and life sciences.  Metal and semiconducting nanoparticles are prepared by both bottom-up and top-down methods such as colloidal lithography, nanoimprint lithography, and wet chemical synthesis/self-assembly.


Dr Ainara Aguadero-  Ainara PhD was in the area of intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells and was awarded summa cum laude from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.  She carried out postdoctoral work at CIEMAT and at CIC Energigune with John Kilner in Spain and had a short spell as an academic visitor to Imperial in 2011-12.  She was awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship in 2013 to work in the Department of Materials at Imperial concentrating her research into new concepts for ceramic conducting oxides as well as research into new battery materials.