Soapbox science at Southbank

Soapbox science at Southbank

Some of the UK's best scientific brains take science to the streets at Southbank, in an event organised by the Zoological Society of London on Friday 22nd July.

LCN and Imperial College researcher, Dr Sandrine Heutz, and other prominent female scientists in the UK take science to the streets, with the help of the Zoological Society of London and the L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science programme.

From explaining the merits of experiments in space, to how plants make decisions, the Soapbox Science event aims to showcase UK women in science and inspire the next generation of scientists by making science fun and accessible.

Dr Heutz will be giving a talk entitled "From car paint to supercomputers: the story of multitasking molecules", which will discuss some of her research on molecular nanowires,  and there will be many more talks on the day, on everything from volcanoes to twitter.

Here are just a few of the subjects the scientists will be bringing to the streets:

• Can Twitter help us improve software?
• Sex and mathematics: unlikely bedfellows in HIV research?
• Volcanoes: Natural hazards or the pulse of a habitable planet?
• Thinking like a vegetable- how plants decide what to do

All Soapbox Science speakers will be happy to answer your burning science questions on the day.

For details of the event and the other speakers, visit the ZSL website.