Self-Assembled Metallic Nanowires on a Dielectric Support

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Professor Geoff Thornton's group have identified a method to grow metallic Pd nanowires on the dielectric oxide substrate, TiO2.
The complementary techniques of photoemission electron microscopy (XPEEM, Diamond Light Source), and scanning tunneling microscopy (STM, UCL) have been used to characterise both the chemical and structural properties of Pd nanostructures deposited on TiO2.
When Pd is deposited at an elevated substrate temperature, Pd forms micron long nanowires. The orientation of the nanowires is determined by the anisotropic surface structure of the TiO2(110)-1x1 surface. X-ray PEEM shows that the nanoparticles are composed of metallic palladium and separated by bare substrate.

A paper documenting the work has now been published; more information on it can be found on our Publications page.

Professor Geoff Thornton is an eminent member of the London Centre for Nanotechnology. He studies nanotechnologies at the London Centre for Nanotechnology and UCL Department of Chemistry.