Publication of the second edition of Elements of Modern X-ray Physics

Elements of Modern X-ray Physics

The second edition of the best selling textbook "Elements of Modern X-ray Physics" by Jens Als-Nielsen and Des McMorrow was published by John Wiley and Sons in March 2011.

In the decade since the first edition appeared, "Elements of Modern X-ray Physics" has become established as one of the standard texts for teaching X-ray science. During this period there has continued to be astonishing progress in the development of X-ray sources and the understanding of how to exploit them. This fact, taken together with the kind and generous comments received in response to the first edition, has encouraged the authors to produce a second edition.

The second edition differs from the first in several key regards:

• An entirely new chapter on X-ray imaging has been included.
• The chapter dealing with kinematical diffraction has been divided into two separate chapters, which deal with non-crystalline and crystalline materials, respectively. This change has allowed the inclusion of new material on the use of X-rays in the determination of the structure of liquids, glasses, and most importantly polymers and biomolecules.
• Many adjustments have been made to various sections in the book with a view to improving the overall exposition.
• Exercises have been included at the ends of all chapters.

"It was a great pleasure to work with Jens again on the second edition, and we both very much hope that students benefit from the additional material that we have included" comments Des McMorrow from the LCN.