Promotion for Dr. Paul Warburton

Dr. Paul Warburton

Dr Paul Warburton of the London Centre for Nanotechnology and the UCL Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering has been appointed to a Readership in Nanoelectronics, effective 1st October 2010.
The appointment is in recognition of Dr Warburton's contribution to the research activities of LCN in nanoelectronic devices. Recent highlights of his research include:
(i) experiments how the ‘friction' dissiapating energy in a complex system affects its properties, using the example of arrays of superconducting circuits containing Josephson junctions (see Physical Review Letters vol. 103 art. no. 217002);
(ii) numerical simulations of a newly-proposed device using a tiny nanowire containing a pattern of different materials forming a built-in "heterostructure" to sense substances by their effect on the electrical current (see Journal of Applied Physics vol. 108, art. no. 014511).

Device concept for a nanowire heterostructure spectroscopic sensor

Device concept for a nanowire heterostructure spectroscopic sensor

Dr Warburton's  future plans include the establishment of a molecular beam epitaxy system at LCN, specifically configured for the growth of metal-oxide films and nanowires one atomic layer at a time. This is funded by his recent EPSRC Leadership Fellowship award.