Professor Tom Duke awarded the Franklin Medal 2010

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Professor Tom Duke has been awarded the Franklin Medal of the Institute of Physics which is given biennially for distinguished research in physics applied to the life sciences.


The citation reads: 
"For the application of physical principles to the development of elegant molecular sorting devices, for providing new insights into the organising principles of cells and for his primary contributions to a new generation of theories of how the ear works".


News of the award came as Duke was co-hosting a major international meeting on "The Physical Cell" at UCL. He commented "As we have been discussing at the meeting this week, collaborative research between physical and life scientists is the best way to understand how living systems function. I have been fortunate to work with brilliant colleagues and talented students on a range of fascinating scientific problems, and I look forward to tackling further challenges in the stimulating multi-disciplinary environment at UCL and the London Centre for Nanotechnology".