Professor Bill Lee elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Academy of Engineering

Professor Bill Lee

LCN Researcher, Professor Bill Lee, has been elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

The Academy honours the UK's most distinguished engineers. It aims to take advantage of the enormous wealth of engineering knowledge they possess and, through the interdisciplinary character of its membership, it provides a unique breadth of engineering experience to further the art and practice of engineering in all its forms.

Professor Lee was recognised for his research into developing light-weight, durable ceramics for a range of applications such as creating thermal protection ceramic shields for spacecraft and super fast planes, whose wingtips and nose cones can reach temperatures of more than 2000 Degrees Celsius while in the upper atmosphere. His work also explores how these ceramics can perform in other severe environments such as nuclear reactors.

Professor Lee says: “This year, my 50th PhD student graduated successfully, which has been a real career highlight for me. I am extremely proud of them all, and having worked with them to achieve their success. Becoming a Fellow is up there as another highlight. I plan to celebrate this achievement by drinking more champagne than is good for me on several occasions with my family, friends, brilliant research group, and my colleagues in the Department. On a sober note, this Fellowship is not only recognition of past achievements, but also about creating more opportunities in the future.”

See here for the full award citation.